Homecoming Committee

Homecoming is planned by some of the biggest Gophers fans on campus! Get to know them a little bit more below.


Keziah is a senior majoring in Health Services Management. Once she graduates she plans to take a gap year and live a little before going to Medical School.In the long run she would like to open a non-profit health care facility in Kenya,where she was born. For Homecoming, Keziah is in charge of planning the Corn Roast, Royalty recruitment, and the Blood Drives. This year, she is most excited to go to the parade and concert with her friends!


Jack is a senior majoring in Journalism - Strategic Communication with a minor in Digital Media Studies. For this year's Homecoming, Jack is planning Party on the Plaza and the Parade. After his Undergraduate Education, he eventually hopes to start his career working on Brand Promotion or Project Planning. His favorite Homecoming memory is going to the concert last year with all of his friends. For the upcoming Homecoming, Jack is excited to see the Gophers destroy the Hawkeye’s during the football game.


Holly is a senior majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Digital Media Studies and Public Health. Once she graduates, she hopes to work for a Public Relations agency in a major city. For Homecoming, Holly is planning Day of Service, Party on the Plaza, and the Concert. This year, Holly is most excited to corn out at the Corn Roast with her closest Gopher friends, Jack, Keziah, and Claire. In addition, she is eager to see everyone dance and sing along with the Homecoming artists on Friday night. One of Holly's most memorable Homecoming moments is from the football game her Sophomore year when she finally learned the words to the Minnesota Rouser.


Claire is this year’s Marketing Coordinator in charge of planning and preparing marketing materials for all Homecoming events. Claire is a junior studying Strategic Communication and is hoping to work for either an advertising or talent agency after graduating. She is most excited to see the Program Board’s hard work come to life at the Homecoming Concert at the end of the week!